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Monday, November 24, 2008

I want to FIGHT piracy – Jayam Ravi

The 'Jayam' Ravi starrer 'Dhaam Dhoom' is releasing this weekend and the actor had voiced his intent to do away with pirated VCDs and DVDs of the film. As reported earlier, Media One Global Entertainment, the producers of the film along with Tamil Thiraipada Padhugappu Kazhagam have come up with a novel way to fight piracy. A 24 hour anti-piracy cell with ten phone lines are to be opened soon so that the general public can call in to report anyone found with illegal VCDs or DVDs. It is not clear yet if the callers would be rewarded or not.

'Jayam' Ravi endorsing this move said, "There are no crowds to theatres to watch good quality movies these days. It is only for semi-pornographic movies with obscene elements that they prefer to come in private and watch in cinema halls. People should be made to be aware of the hardship this causes the film industry and hence help in cracking down the video buccaneers."

Clampdown of video piracy will surely bring back some crowds to theatres and relieve the film fraternity to an extent. But then it is not just the video piracy the lone reason for appalling the film industry. Exorbitant charges by multiplexes, badly maintained theatres and dreary themes are also the other deterrents as they indirectly encourage the escalation of the illegal VCD/DVD businesses.

This is something 'Jayam' Ravi and his fellow warriors against piracy should probably take note of if piracy can REALLY be killed.

The actor also expressed his willingness to join forces with other young artistes in coming up with innovative ideas to kill piracy.

Terminator in Kollywood

It is a coup of sorts. Ayngaran International and director Jananathan have managed to rope in the 6ft 5inches Austrian giant Roland Kickinger to

play the all-important villain’s role in Jayam Ravi’s action adventure Peranmai, being shot in the beautiful green Vagamon in Kerala and Dindigul and Kuttralam areas in Tamil Nadu.

Wondering who this Roland Kickinger is? He is the replacement for Arnold Schwarzenegger, currently the California Governor, who was earlier the most popular action hero in Hollywood, acting in mega hits like the Terminator
series. Roland is now playing the role of Cyborg T-800, made famous by Arnold, in the new Terminator Salvation (Terminator 4) releasing as the big summer release in May 2009 in the US.

Like Arnold, he is not only from Austria but also a body builder and won the Mr Universe title in 1995 and then moved over to Hollywood where he has done 20 odd films. Says Jananathan, who kept the participation of the Hollywood action hero a secret, “Roland is truly a top Hollywood action hero, and to have him as a part of Peranmai is a dream come true. One of the highlights of the film is the superb, action scenes between Jayam Ravi and Roland.”

Terminator joins 'Jayam' Ravi for 'Peranmai'

Tamil film audiences are in for a spectacular treat when the Jananathan-directed 'Peranmai' releases. The film starring 'Jayam' Ravi has successfully brought the present Terminator, Roland Kickinger to play the villain.

Roland Kickinger is the replacement to the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger for the now legendary Terminator series. Arnold Schwarzenegger is now the Governor of California and has bid adieu to acting. Roland Kickinger, also an Austrian won the Mr. Universe title in the year 1995 after which he worked for about twenty Hollywood films. Since he has the capacity to be mighty powerful on screen he has been cast as the replacement for big Arnie to play cyborg T 800 in Terminator 4 (Terminator Salvation).

Interestingly the star of the to-be-released Terminator 4, who stands six feet and five inches tall will play the villain of 'Peranmai' and probably will be bashed up by 'Jayam' Ravi. Should be a sight for sore eyes….

'Peranmai' is produced by Ayngaran International and has been shot in various locations including Kuttralam, Dindugal and certain parts of Kerala.

Vijay, fans observe fast to express solidarity for Sri Lankan Tamils

In a silent protest, sans inflammatory speeches, leading Tamil actor Vijay and his fans' organizations observed an eight-hour fast on Sunday, in order to express the actor's solidarity for the cause of Sri Lankan Tamils in Chennai. Vijay had earlier participated in the fast organized by the South Indian Film Artistes Association in the city last month over the same issue.

Joining the massive crowd of fans at Chepauk, were Vijay's parents - his father, veteran director S A Chandrasekar, inaugurated the agitation - and his wife Sangeetha. Other prominent celebrities present at the venue were - directors Perarasu and Selvabharathy; actors Mansoor Ali Khan, Jayam Ravi, Vikranth and Sriman.

Vijay informed the reporters that similar fast were being organized by his fans in 37 places across the state. He said: "It is my effort to show my support for the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka. I am happy and consider myself privileged to be part of the agitation."

At Vijay's request, his fans had also sent thousands of telegrams to the Prime Minister urging him to pressurize the Sri Lankan government to find an amicable solution to the crisis. Expressing confidence that the situation in the island nation would improve soon, Vijay said: "We can't go to Sri Lanka and fight for the Tamils. This agitation is an attempt to show our strong support to them."

The actor surprised everyone by speaking a few lines in Sinhalese, as he thanked all his fans for their support and appreciated their care for their fellow human beings.