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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ravi ready to fire with 'Dhaam Dhoom'

Jayam Ravi is optimistic of ‘Dhaam Dhoom's’ fortune at the box office. The movie releasing this week-end, is loaded with action.

'We began ‘Dhaam Dhoom’ with great optimism. Cinematographer-director Jeeva led us. Unfortunately his untimely death during the shooting shocked every one of us. There were doubts whether the movie would ever be completed'.

However Jeeva's associate Manikandan stepped in and the movie is finally over.

” ‘Dhaam Dhoom’ is our tribute to Jeeva”, says Jayam Ravi.

Harris Jeyaraj's catchy musical score and the excellent performance from co-stars including Lakshmi Rai, Kangana Ranaut and Jayaram are the major highlights of the film, he adds.

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