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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

“Jeyam” Ravi – On his love and marriage

Ten-movie old “Jeyam” Ravi forayed into the film industry with the smash hit Jeyam. The film’s success saw to it that the prefix stuck to his name.

Having established himself firmly in the industry, it is now time for him to answer queries about his personal life. The issue that is being raked up by the media time and again is about his marriage.

Dispelling all rumors, the actor made it clear that he is not keen on a love marriage. He also indicated that his wedding will be arranged by his parents.

Peraanmai, the movie that he is presently associated with, is being directed by Jagannathan. Playing the role of a forest officer in this film, he said that it is about tribal people living in the mountains. Accentuating his stand that films should espouse good principles, Ravi added that he would focus on such films in the future.

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