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Monday, October 6, 2008


Today i had the option of seeing movies like Poi Solla Porom,You don't mess with Zohan and Dhaam Dhoom but i preferred Dhaam Dhoom.It had one simple reason.I like the way Jeeva makes movies as it is always colourful.This movie had two parts one in Russia and the other in a village in Tamil Nadu.Fans of Bourne Ultimatum(Bourne series) will not like the Russian part and it resembled this movie to a large extent.The film revolves around a Indian doctor who just weeks prior to his wedding, goes to Russia for a conference. Due to the murder of a local woman, Jayam Ravi finds himself in jail. How the doctor manages to get himself out of jail in order to get married to his sweetheart in India, with the help of an Indian female lawyer, forms the crux of the story.The encounters between Jayam Ravi and Kangana Rangaut in Tamil Nadu were beautifully potrayed.It has wonderful songs and full marks to Harris Jeyaraj.Other wise it is a simple movie and worth watching it,a racy screenplay and resembled Bourne Ultimatum(the chase by the Russian Police)but is completely different from the story point.A good screen play but it is sad that the director who had made this movie is not alive to see it.He has done a wonderful job in his earlier ones but if he was alive this movie would surely have had a more different treatment.I liked all the songs a lot and the lyrics were very good too.(Mige migek coormaiyaay ennai rasiththdhum un kangal dhaan, mirudhuvaay peasiye ennul vasiththum paarththi dhaan,kankalaik kaanavey imaikaley maruppadho ).All together a good movie and worth watching.

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