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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jeyam Ravi's latest Skills

Jeyam Ravi is one of the dedicated actor in the film industry. He likes to do all the stunts by himself. And what ever he does, he wants to do it perfectly. The actor, whose latest film, Santhosh Subramanium, has been doing extremely well , is now acting in the movie Peraanmai. According to reports, Ravi plays the role of a forest officer in the film, and is required to use a bow and arrows in certain scenes. This film will be shot in the deep forests.

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Peraanmai is going to be a different kind of film. Whether or not Jeyam Ravi is going to excel in this movie, he is sure to be in the top slot of actors very soon. This is very clear from his dedication for acting. Jeyam Ravi is learning archery for his new film.

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