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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Five heroines in 'Peraanmai'

Jananathan, the director of the national award-winning film 'Iyarkai', is now directing 'Jeyam' Ravi in his next film 'Peraanmai'. Jananathan's earlier film 'Eee' too earned him rave reviews for taking up the cause of exposing the criminal tendency that had come to plague the medical profession.

Five heroines in Peraanmai

'Peraanmai' boasts of five heroines namely Tanshika, Saranya, Vasundhara, Liyasri and Varsha, all newcomers. Their membership fee to enroll themselves as artistes with the Nadigar Sangam (amounting to Rs.1.25 lakhs @ Rs.25,000/- per person) has reportedly been paid up by the producer i.e. Ayngaran Films International Ltd.

One only hopes that all these promising youngsters are paid up their fees for acting in the film too, as promptly by the producer as it has taken care of their membership fee with the Nadigar Sangam!

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