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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jeyam Ravi about his Love and Marriage

Jeyam Ravi, who became a hit from his first film Jeyam, was named after the movie Jeyam Ravi. The films success saw to it that the prefix stuck to his name. He is ten films old. Now that he has a firm foothold in the industry, the time has come for him to answer few questions about his personal life.

The main issue is about his marriage. The issue of his marriage has been asked many times by the media. Dispelling all rumors,the actor made it clear that he is not keen in a love marriage. He also indicated that his wedding will be arranged by his parents. His latest movie which he is doing is Peraanmai. He will be seen as a forest officer. The story deals about the tribal people living in the mountains. Jeyam Ravi is all excited about this role. He says he will try to focus on such roles in his future films, also.

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