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Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a Loss?

There was great expectations for this movie of Jeeva.Especially after the Music and audio release, it but great hopes for the fans.But, unfortunately, the movie never lived up to the expectations.The director could not just give the continuity and details of some scenes that needed an explanation in the latter half.It wasn't his fault.After all, had Jeeva been there, this would definitely have been one of the best movies of Tamil Cinema.There haven't been many such subjects and movies in Tamil and this , I must say was a very brave attempt.In spite of all these comments and ratings, i personally liked the movie very much.But for some lack of clarifications like , why the bearer says two Bottles of Whiskey when just one was served, why Jayam Ravi Feels that jayaram was tearing the paper, and so on , the movie is still good.Jayam Ravi is Growing exponentially with every performance and movie of his.He is the next big thing down south.The songs are already a super duper hit and the movie is also good but for some small lack of clarifications here and there.I am very sure that it would have been a great hit had Jeeva had directed the whole movie.The Industry has not only Lost a Great Director in Jeeva, But also a Great Movie in Dhaam Dhoom.What a Loss??

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